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Sally's Personal Journey

You might think that some people are born with confidence, but until you actually connect with your Higher Self, your confidence will never emanate from the inside out, and you'll just be faking it. That takes a level of commitment, consciousness, and awareness that only when you know the correct course of action, can you truly manifest and attract what you truly desire.

Sally K. O'Brien knows this first hand. At fifteen, she rushed home from school, to excitedly tell her mother she wanted to be an English teacher just like her teacher she so admired. She later fulfilled that dream and not only graduated from the University of Wichita with a teaching certificate, she also continued her exploration in serving and teaching by becoming one of the first pioneer Peace Corps volunteers. She served in the Peace Corps in the Philippine Islands, has lived in four countries, and traveled in 30 countries.

These cross-cultural experiences have made her aware that the human spirit is not defined by a geographic location. Every human soul has a true authentic self waiting to emerge and shine from within. This knowledge has defined and shaped Sally's life journey.Guided by her inner compass, Sally's travels and adventures lead her to the Big Island of Hawaii where she lived for eight years, and she experienced a tremendous amount of awakening of her own healing powers. Intrigued by what she was experiencing, she began an extensive study of Ho'opono Pono, ancient Hawaiian spirituality.

Today, Sally combines the healing practices of Ho'opono Pono, Reiki, various other modalities, and her own gifts and abilities along with over 30 years of expertise as a life coach, teacher, and presentation skills expert to show people how to master the inner and outer game of exuding confidence from your true authentic self.

Mastering the art of confident power, presence, & presentation with expert Sally O'Brien

Sally is one of the leading confidence coaches in the United States. As a life coach she specializes in working with corporate and entrepreneurial women and men, who are experiencing loss, going through a life changing transition, are committed to connecting with Spirit and finding their true purpose, and/or writing their life story. In addition, she has an extensive background in presentation skills, corporate work, and media training. She has parlayed that and her extensive healing work to truly help people live an inspired life.

Demonstrating both power and vulnerability on the platform, Sally has a Master's degree in speech, and over 25 years as a teacher, trainer, consultant, administrator, and program director. A member of the National Speakers Association for 22 years, she has been giving professional speeches, workshops, and seminars in presentation skills, sales training, customer service, confidence, self-empowerment, memoir writing, and team building. Internationally, she presented in Japan and The People's Republic of China, and she is passionate and enthusiastic about more global speaking opportunities.

She's the author of Love Offering to the Universe, co-author of 101 Ways To Improve Your life, Vol. 2, co-author of Creative Communicators, and contributing writer in Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work. In addition, she's been included in several volumes: The World's Who's Who of Women, Who's Who Among American Teachers, The International Who's Who of Professional and Business Women, and Who's Who in America. In 2007, she was recognized by Cambridge Who's Who for Excellence in the Field of Health and Wellness.

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