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NSA MemberWith a master's degree in speech, administrative experience, and teaching of speech and writing in both high school and college, fifteen years ago O'Brien became a member of the National Speakers Association. Starting S. K. O'Brien in 1986 while still teaching full time, she presented professional speeches, workshops, and seminars in the areas of presentation skills, sales training, team building, customer service, and principles of self-esteem. Since moving to Grays Harbor in 2003, S. K. O'Brien's focus has become Reiki presentations, individual client Reiki sessions and life coaching for both men and women, Reiki level trainings for women, and a workshop teacher for special memoir writing retreats on the ocean for women.

Reiki Trainings


Usui Level I Reiki Training Activating Reiki + manual for Level I, II

At the first level of Reiki, you are initiated into Reiki with a set of energy attunements that activate Reiki in and through you. From this point on, Reiki will always be present for healing or activation upon request. Training at the first level also includes learning about the Reiki path, the history, benefits, how Reiki works using your gift of intuition and trust, meeting your Reiki Healing Spirit Guide, and hands-on practice. The first Sacred Symbol, the power of Reiki to heal you and others is activated.

Usui Level II Reiki Training Distance Healing/ Balancing Body & Mind
This level of training is for those of you who have completed the Reiki I training and have used Reiki actively in your lives, and wish to deepen your commitment to Reiki, as well as increase your energy flow for sending Reiki from a distance, and for working on deep emotional, mental, and spiritual levels to further the healing process.

Two more Sacred Symbols are activated during this training and attunement, the distance healing symbol for others and to heal the past or future, and the mental and emotional balance symbol. First, we discuss the use and the step-by-step process of each Sacred Symbol. Next, you will memorize all three of them, and finally, experience hands-on practice using the power of all three Sacred Symbols. After completing Level II Reiki training, you have awoken your own inner healer for healing yourself and others. All three Sacred Symbols are ready for you to call upon for the rest of your life.

Usui Level III Reiki Training Reiki Master Practitioner + manual
Mrs. Hawayo Takata taught Reiki traditionally as three basic levels. In order to facilitate your confidence and competence, the third degree has been split; this allows you to first receive the Master Symbols and Attunements as a Reiki Master Practitioner. Then if it is your goal to be a Master Teacher, you will serve an internship with a Reiki Master.

The Master level of Reiki requires preparation and clarity of intention. Therefore, a written request for Master Attunements is to be made, stating the reason you seek such empowerment. Also included is what you hope to bring to Reiki and the world as a Reiki Master. Prior to moving from Level II to Reiki Master you must meditate to seek the spiritual knowledge and insight for your path as a Reiki Master. You must also keep an in-depth daily log of hands-on Reiki for you and others and distant healing. This is a testimonial and visual demonstration of your commitment and intention to this spiritual path.

Usui Level III Reiki Training Reiki Master Teacher
Internship is by application only.

Karuna Reiki ® Level I, II Karuna Reiki ® Practitioner/Master + manual
Karuna Reiki was originated by William Lee Rand, founder of The International Center for Reiki Training located in Michigan and Vision Publications at, in 1995. To qualify, you need to provide a certificate showing you have been a Reiki Master for at least one year. During this training you will study, memorize, and receive the attunements for at least eight additional healing Sacred Symbols during this intensive curriculum-driven weekend retreat. Registration and certification of this higher, more advanced level of training and attunements to become a Karuna Reiki ® Practitioner/ Master come from The International Center for Reiki Training.




"Sally's retreats are very relaxing, energizing, and knowledgeable. I walked away full of confidence that I could make a difference! Not to mention the view is spectacular! I mean, who would not enjoy the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean out the front window!"
Magie Reiter, Reiki Master/Teacher
Aberdeen, Washington

"I enjoyed such an amazing weekend when I came to Westport for my Reiki training. Sally made sure that all of my questions were answered and that I had the confidence to begin using Reiki right away. In addition to my training, I was also given plenty of time to myself for walking the beach, reading, and relaxing. Sally is an insightful and patient teacher who believes in her students. I greatly appreciated her teaching style, wonderful attitude, and energy during my stay. Her home is a peaceful and serene setting to receive this sort of training."
Jessica Renner, Reiki Master
Bellingham, Washington

"Learning from Sally at her oceanside retreat is a joy! Her Reiki training is engaging as well as introspective; and the constant presence of the Pacific Ocean from her retreat site is peaceful and calming. It's a perfect setting for Reiki training.

As a teacher, Sally is both full of energy and peaceful, a fine combination; for a Reiki Master Teacher. She willingly displays her enthusiasm for Reiki at each level of training, and she is comfortable and confident in her knowledge and ability to bring it to others. I especially enjoyed the way that Sally accommodated me as a learner—I liked her clear, organized training agenda, but I also appreciated the informal, conversational tone she set and the way she honored the preparation and reading I had done in advance. Her agenda is interspersed with active learning, personal reflection, and walks on the beach—nice.

The training, the site, and the experience...Sally has it all!"
Joann DeMott, Reiki Master/Teacher
National Speakers Association


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