Reiki Sessions

What happen in a Reiki Session?

During hands-on or distinct Reiki sessions, the client usually experiences relaxation and peacefulness and may feel warmth and other subtle and peasant sensations.  The first session lasts for as long as one and half hours.  Subsequent sessions may be the same or shorter.  The only intention of the practitioner  during the session is to be a pure conduit of healing energy for the client.

Reiki sessions can be preformed in person or at a distance.  During hands-on sessions, the Reiki practitioner places his or her hands on specific positions on or above the client's body and allows Reiki's, universal energy, to assist in the client's healing.  At a distance the practitioner focus on the client's name (and picture) and allows Reiki to assist in healing.

How could I learn to heal myself and others?

You can take a weekend training and start treating yourself.  You can then start incorporating it into your daily life.  Three levels of training include learning specific information about the history, benefits, techniques, practice, the sacred symbols for each level, and receiving initiation or attunements.  The purpose of the attunement is to connect the Reiki students with the universal healing energy, so it flows through their hands to heal themselves and others.

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