A little about Sally before we begin:

Sally continues to build on her seventeen-year speaking, training, and coaching business, S. K. O’Brien, as she gives Reiki level trainings and writing retreats for women in her waterfront home. The ocean's ambiance and Sally's own gracious, inspirational manner help women unlock their creativity at the writing workshops. In addition, her recently published memoir, Love Offerings to the Universe, is an inspiration to men and women alike.

Sally began her namesake business in Chicago after earning a master's degree in speech. Then, transplanting herself to Hawaii, she discovered Reiki, a Japanese hands-on energy healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that awakens your own inner healer and promotes healing.

Sally has often been asked why did she become a Reiki Master/Teacher? 

"God gave me three experiences beginning in February 1998.  The first was breaking a bone in my left ankle and a bone in my right elbow.  I was healed by prayer and Reiki.  The second health crisis was losing my eye sight in my right eye for two months in April 1999.  The cornea specialist said to me,  "Continue whatever  you are doing it's working."  I was practicing prayer and Reiki.

Finally on July 27, 1999, I walked away from a car accident which totaled my red convertible.  Following that traumatic experience, I revisited the goals in my life and changed my career path.  I believe I'm now living my life's purpose as a Reiki Master/Teacher.  I want to be a bridge in Reiki becoming an accepted hands -on healing technique in hospitals and a legitimate reimbursement from insurance companies, the same way Therapeutic Touch already is.

She has been a Reiki Master for eight years and made the focus of her business Reiki-centered after overcoming personal health challenges through prayer and Reiki. Now her business activities include presentations, individual client Reiki sessions and life coaching for both men and women, and level trainings and retreats for women in Reiki and memoir writing.

In addition, Sally also enjoys being a life coach, building long-term relationships with her male and female clients and encouraging them as they achieve their dreams and goals.

Community volunteerism, Chamber, and Rotary were a significant part of Sally's life in Hawaii, and she continues these same activities in Grays Harbor, her new home.

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