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When we are dealing with stress, loneliness, fear, worry, or doubt, a session of Reiki energy healing is a wonderful gift you can give yourself or someone you love. And if it's not possible to do it face to face, then a distant healing session is the next best thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reiki?
Reiki is an ancient, energy healing technique which was brought to the United States from Japan almost 70 years ago. It is an alternative medicine energy healing therapy much like acupuncture and Therapeutic Touch. Reiki is pronounced Ray-key. As a modern healing therapy, it was initiated at the beginning of the 20th century by Dr. Mikao Usui (1865 - 1926), a Japanese Buddhist monk. It is possible to trace the origins of Reiki back to Buddhist healing practices.

How does Reiki work?
Reiki therapy utilizes spiritual and universal energy to assist the healing process. Healing can occur on the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level.

What are the benefits of Reiki?
Reiki energy therapy reduces stress and tension; increases recovery rates and acceleration of healing; relieves fatigues, aches, and discomforts; renews energy levels; enhances the effectiveness of other treatments; releases, balances, and heals mental, emotional distress; promotes spiritual healing and growth; serves as a catalyst and a support for achieving your personal goals; and heals and balances body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

How is Reiki sent at a distance?
Reiki is not limited to time or space. Reiki can be sent to the past, present, or future. Reiki healing energy can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world as a distant or remote healing. The basic process is the following: the practitioner focuses on the client, using Reiki symbols and the client's name (and picture) and allows Reiki to assist in the healing. The only intention of the practitioner during the healing session is to be a pure conduit of healing energy for the client.

How can I receive a distant healing from you?
First, sign up with your name, email address, zip code, and your mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical challenge. Next, check yes, I want to receive a free trial subscription. Third, please email a picture to me at Sobrien27@hawaii.rr.com.com if you are asking for a healing for yourself, a loved one, or a cherished animal. Fourth, please post your testimonial in our guestbook if you benefit from this experience. This will inspire others to also give themselves permission to ask for a healing by what you share.

What is your background in Reiki?
Known as "The Reiki Lady of Grays Harbor" for the past three years, I've been a Reiki Master practitioner for ten years and a teacher of all three Usui levels and Karuna Reiki® levels for five years. I studied the energy healing therapy in Hilo, Hawaii, at the world's first Reiki Center located outside of Japan. My Reiki Master teachers were in a direct lineage from Master Hawayo Takata, the first woman and non-resident of Japan to be trained in this ancient healing therapy.

Why did you become a Reiki Master/Teacher?
God gave me three experiences beginning in February, 1998. The first was breaking a bone in my left ankle and a bone in my right elbow. I was healed by prayer and Reiki. The second health crisis was losing my eye sight in my right eye for two months in April, 1999. The cornea specialist said to me, "Continue whatever you are doing. It's working." I was practicing prayer and Reiki.

Finally, on July 27, 1999, I walked away from a car accident which totaled my red convertible. Following that traumatic experience, I revisited the goals for my life and changed my career path. I believe I'm now living my life's purpose as a Reiki Master/Teacher. I want to be a bridge in Reiki becoming an accepted healing technique and therapy in hospitals and a legitimate reimbursement from insurance companies, the same way Therapeutic Touch already is.

Is the Medical community beginning to support Reiki therapy?
Yes. Reiki therapy is proving to facilitate relaxation and recovery and decrease anxiety and pain. In many states, Reiki is beginning to be used in hospices, nursing homes, the emergency room, the operation room, pediatric, neonatal and OB/GYN units. When I googled 'physical medicine in support of Reiki' in January, 2005, I found 93,000 websites, and over 30,000 best physical medicine websites. In January, 2006, the increase was dramatic. Now there are 207,000 websites for 'physical medicine in support of Reiki' and 148,000 best physical medicine websites.

Where can I find out about the medical effects of Reiki therapy?
Please visit www.reikimedresearch.org to find out the medical effects of Reiki therapy. The website provides information about the diseases responding to Reiki, so prospective Reiki clients will be able to choose the therapy consciously.

Should I contact a physician before I contact you?
Yes. The services and information on this website are offered to compliment and enhance medical advice and treatments. Reiki distant and remote healing is not a substitute for medical care. I strongly advise you to contact a licensed physician for any medical concerns. It is not to be used as a substitution, contradiction, or replacement of medical care.

What is your vision for Reiki distant and remote healing?
I intend to serve the world. In the future, I will be offering tele-seminars for Reiki distant or remote healing energy. My dream is to get telephone participation from representatives of 117 countries who will call in on a specific call to make their own healing requests, and culminating with all of us sending Reiki distant healing energy for world peace.


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Testimonials: Distant Healing

My family has been in a decade-long stretch of serious health problems. It wasn't until I read "Love Offerings to the Universe" by Sally K. O'Brien that I felt an amazing ray of hope. I had watched my son struggle with partial paralysis, extreme pain, such intense neurological difficulties that he spent days on end not knowing his own parents, unable to answer simple questions, getting lost in our own home. After years of struggle to reach a physical diagnosis, we had watched our son deteriorate from a once-vibrant, healthy, straight A student to a young man who could no longer communicate through a haze of pain. After reading Sally K. O'Brien's book, I felt that if this amazing woman could conquer such incredible peril with a joyous heart and the clear-minded intelligence of her written word, there was hope for my son.

Amazingly, Sally was willing to share her gift of distant Reiki healing with not only my son, but with my husband, our daughter and myself, as well. She perceptively realized that the long years of suffering had taken a toll on our entire family. Within days, truly, our entire energy shifted toward a positive one of incredible healing. My son was accepted to college, my husband landed a much better job, my daughter let go of so much of her heartache, my spirits soared. I have since landed a much better job, our son continues to improve day by day, week by week, and is amazing all of us with his 4.0 in a very fast paced university. He lives on his own, which is miraculous in itself.

I highly recommend the amazing work and the written words of Ms. Sally K. O'Brien. May your lives be enriched by her blessings just as my family has been!

Judie Sutherland

On December 14, 2005, our new granddaughter was born. On December 20, 2005, the doctors told us that she only had six hours to live and that her kidneys were shutting down. We could not allow this to happen, so I called my friend, Sally K. O'Brien about 4 p.m., and she informed me that she had been doing Reiki from afar since that morning and will continue. Sally also had me call Silent Unity, who will pray for thirty days. By 8 p.m. that day the doctors said things were beginning to work right again. By 10 p.m. she was doing better than she had since birth, and they found find no reason for this to have happened. I am so proud to say that this is the power of prayer, friendship, love, and faith. I want to thank the Lord, Silent Unity, and most of all, Sally K. O'Brien. Love, your friend,

Judy Brill
Westport, WA

In August 2001 - just prior to the birth of my grandson, Sally graciously sent a Reiki, via distant... This process was amazing - her compassionate gift of Reiki healing lifted a dark cloud which seemed to hover over me for nearly 46 years. Words are inadequate to describe the positive effect even one session had on my physical, mental, and emotional life.

J. Frum
Certified in ABC Relaxation & Meditation
Roosevelt University, Chicago
National Dean's List
Roosevelt University, Chicago

Testimonials: Face to face personal session

Hello, you don't know me, but I'm a woman of 43 who lives in a world of pain and stress. I have done so all my life, having been born with health problems. When I lived in Utah, I was seeing a man that was wise in ways of chakras and acupuncture. I had finally found a way out of the pain and the stress. When I made the move to Washington, I lost that ability to relax and to fight off the pain the way I could in Utah.

Five years later when the trade show came to the mall, a group of friends and I went. There among all the booths, I found my angel, her name, Sally. It was like seeing an old friend. We talked about chakras and Reiki. She knew what I was talking about. At last I had found someone in this town that understood what I needed and what I was looking for. I went and saw her yesterday. Finally I feel one with the world again. She has changed my world back to a manageable state, from a black hole to a sunny day.

With her help and God's, I feel that, at last, I will be able to get off the pain meds and back on the road to self-help. To all of you who do not know what these things are, I will try and tell you. We are made up of energy. We have a positive and a negative. Most of the time we work with the negative (that's just how we are). With the help of a Reiki master you learn how to use the positive energy and God's love to help you to overcome most of life's obstacles in harmony with the body and mind. They are one after all.

After I left her office, I had the feeling as if I had just found my self again. Before my head and body and emotions had been out of sorts. I now feel at peace with myself and my life. I just can't wait for my next appointment where I can learn more ways in which to help myself get better, with her ever gentle guiding hands.

Thank you Sally for giving me myself back.

Lauri Hamilton
Aberdeen, Washington

Reiki and the Three Ladies of Grace

I came to Sally as I had just moved to Washington State to finish my chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. My name is Elise and I am a young 37 yr old as Sally even noted as she met me. Too young everyone thinks to have taken on cancer.

I knew of reiki and intuitively was drawn to come have it work for me and to learn more of what it could mean in my state of troubled disrepair. I was still reeling from the outcome of having had a radical mastectomy and the disruption to my life goals that were actually quite scattered and filled with emotional turmoil even before my diagnosis.

I was welcomed in by the graciousness and queenly manner that is Sally’s. At once I felt warm and cared for and as I laid on the table for the work to begin I felt a trust. The kind that is ready for anything and as Sally’s hands moved across my body there was such heat in all the spots she had been to.

Vibrations in my body led on in routes like strings that ended in miniature convulsions that opened me to let crying out. Just enough.

What was most remarkable was the feeling of descending angels. A thunderous grayed group came upon me. They permeated the whole of the space around the room suddenly as if moving in a herd and there was no space for belief or disbelief it was just understood as a great love.

This is not hard to share as reiki I know now is such a gift to receive and to share with all living kind in blessings and in practice.

My cancer came to me bearing challenging thresholds to mount and gifts each day as reward and a new thirst for knowledge that will never end. This is the God gift that is now mine.

I would like to dedicate this testimony to Sally K. O'Brien, Ginger Gamblin and Nancy Sampson. The three ladies of Reiki grace I like to say. In my time of need God sent me to my earth angels. Thank you for all the work you do and the love you give.

Elise Caplan
Tampa, Florida

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