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July 17, 2009

Volume 1, Issue 4


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Feature Article: Butterfly and Moth Magic

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A Note from Sally
Butterfly and Moth Magic
Top 10 Signs of Strength
Monthly Speaking Tip for a Dazzling Presentation
Monthly Recommendations
Comment Corner
Reiki Circles in Milwaukee
About Sally

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A Note from Sally

Welcome to Sallys Guide On The Side specifically designed to help you improve your confidence, self-esteem, and communication skills. Please feel free to forward this issue to friends, family, associates, and loved ones.

Hello Sally,

Thank you for opening this newsletter. You are reading this because our lives have touched. This newsletter gives me the opportunity to now stay in contact and connect with you on the level you choose at least once a month.

In August 2008, I was in Chicago awaiting the birth of my fifth little grandson. My pregnant daughter, her husband, and her four year old and two year old sons and I went to the Field Museum in Chicago. When we walked out of the building a butterfly flew onto the hand of my four year old grandson, and remained on his hand for two full blocks before we got back to our parking place and left the little being on a decorative bush. My daughter told me hed wanted to have this experience, and she had no doubt he would be careful and loving with it. With all the butterflies and moths this summer, my wish for you is to have this magical miraculous moment as my grandson and I experienced.

Butterfly and Moth Magic

In 1994, in Ubud, Bali, I had just finished a training exercise and was returning to the cement pavilion classroom. On a little wooden walkway adjacent to the pavilion, I was entranced by a vibrant multi-colored butterfly or moth. I came closer and observed it was continuing to sit. So I got even closer and slowly crouched down low so I was sitting on the edge of the little walkway. I put out my hand and moved my hand closer until I was inches away from the wings. The butterfly opened and closed its wings at least twice.

I wanted validation that this was unusual, so I got the attention of two others from my group. One of the women came over and put her hands on my shoulders and acknowledged the magic of this moment. I was connecting with the butterfly. It trusted me, and knew I would not hurt it. My finger was right beside its wings. I felt a real oneness and empathy with the little creature.

Anything is possible. Look for the miracle. I had asked to see a miracle, and my request had been granted.

In November 2004, I was guided to open the front door of my home in Westport, Washington, on a cold freezing morning. On my welcome rug outside my door, I saw what I first thought was a leaf or piece of paper. As I bent down, I saw it was a motionless moth. I was amazed to see that the wings were extended and the little feet were not crumpled over.

I picked up the little being and brought it inside and put it on the dining room table. It just sat there. It did not fall over. It appeared ready to take to flight. It seemed to be asleep. I was guided to put the Reiki sacred symbols in my hands, and I gently placed my right index finger on the wing and offered it Reiki energy healing. A Reiki Master for eight years, I had done Reiki many times on my beloved cat, Lara, and she loved it. I had also done Reiki for a friends family dog and distant healing for a horse. My friend Judy arrived. I excitedly told her what I had found on the mat, and she went over to the table and looked at the statuesque little being. She agreed it looked like it was asleep. She also then carefully touched its wing with her finger.

We began to talk standing around the table about how exceptional it was to find a moth on my rug on a below zero day. How did a moth land on my rug in a condo complex? Why did I choose at that exact moment to open the front door and notice the speck on the mat? Why hadnt the wings closed and the moth fallen over if it were dead?

As we were dialoguing these questions, we noticed movement from the moth. It suddenly flew off the table and landed on the window pane. It was still alive. It had recovered. I opened the patio door. Then I put my right hand index finger out, and the little creature surprised me by climbing on my finger. I put my hand outside on the patio, and the moth continued to sit on my finger. My friend said, The moth is thanking you. You will be rewarded for what you've done for Gods little creature. Expect something good coming to you.

Today, June 2, 2006, at 10:15 AM as I am sitting in my computer chair looking out to view the ocean from my living room window, I notice something on the glass the left bottom edge of the pane. As I go closer I see it is a little moth. I go to the bathroom and get a piece of Kleenex and pick up the little creature. It surprises me by climbing out and on my finger. I open the patio door, and go out on the patio with the moth on my finger.

The ocean wind is blowing briskly, and the moths closed wings move back and forth, and it continues to keep its balance on my finger. I'm immediately reminded of Dr. Wayne Dyers story about the butterfly that sat on his finger in Maui, Hawaii, for an hour in his latest book, The Power of Intention. His picture of the experience became his book cover.

I see my camera sitting on the counter, and so I put the camera on flash and take a picture. The flash startles the moth, and it flies over to the window pane. When I put out my finger, it returns to my extended finger and sits there. I take more pictures to record the memory, and the moth repeats the same behavior. Once I'm finished, I return to the patio with the moth on my finger and say, Okay little one, thank you for coming and giving me this magical moment for myself. It sits there for a few seconds and then flies off toward the ocean.

© Sally K. OBrien 2006 Copyright

Top 10 Signs Of Strength

Flash the Morse Code signal SOS and help is sure to come your way. Master these 10 signs of strength (SOS) and the help may be in the form of improved relationships, greater joy and connection with yourself, better self care and enhanced communication. All in all, quite a life raft!

1. Respond instead of react. When we react, we give away our personal power.
2. Identify and learn from your judgments. Judgments are often a reflection of our own inner needs and values.
3. Reach out when you need it. Asking for help is not a weakness.
4. Keep your wordespecially to yourself. Beautiful palaces are built on this foundation of integrity.
5. Speak what is true for you. Authenticity begins here, now.
6. Take time for yourself. This isn't narcissistic or indulgent. Caring for yourself helps you care for others better.
7. Know what you want. Take the time to figure out this one. It's worth it.
8. Don't take things personally. Even if it sounds personal, it usually isn't.
9. Honor your limits. Setting boundaries is an act of caring.
10.Recognize fear as a guide, not a barrier. Your dark side is a friend when seen in the right light.

Author's content used under license, ©: 2008 Claire Communications

Monthly Speaking Tip for a Dazzling Presentation

Delivery Eliminate "you know" and "uhhs" and "uhhhhms." They make you sound unsure, nervous, groping, and unprepared. To emphasize a word or phrase, go down in pitch. Drop your pitch at the ends of sentences and the end of questions. Use pauses. They are vocal underliners that say, "Think about this.."
© Sally K. OBrien 2005 Copyright Original text appeared as monthly column in Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce Newsletter 1995-1996.

Monthly Recommendations:

Quote to Remember:"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great." -Zig Ziglar

Excuses Begone! How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer:

You deserve to know I've been a raving fan of Wayne Dyer since 1992 when he released Real Magic:Creating Miracles in Everyday Life. Many reviewers at say that his latest book, which is divided into three parts, is his best ever, and I agree.

In the first part, he discusses the 18 commonly used excuses which prevent us from living at our highest, and he shares affirmations to override them. They are: It will be difficult; It's going to be risky; It will will take a long time; There will be family drama; I don't deserve it; It's not my nature; I cant afford it; No one will help me; It has never happened before; I'm not strong enough; I'm too old (or not old enough); The rules wont let me; It's too big; I don't have the energy; It's my personal family history; I'm too busy; and I'm too scared.

In the second part, Dr. Dyer presents seven life-changing principles and exercises to put them into practice so we are able to live an excuse-free life..They are: Awareness, Alignment, Now, Contemplation, Willingness, Passion, and Compassion.

Finally, once we have made the paradigm shift, whenever we find ourselves stuck in self-defeating thought patterns or behavior, we can get back on track by asking ourselves seven questions. They are: Is it true? Where did the excuses come from? What's the payoff? What would my life look like if I couldn't use these excuses? Can I create a rational reason to change? Can I access universal co-operation on shedding old habits? How can I continuously reinforce this new way of being?

Several times in reading, I found myself in tears by a story such as the one about the beautiful maimed zebra. On p. 93 he writes, "This beautiful animal seemed to be peacefully grazing, completely in the moment, even though one of its legs had almost been chewed off the night before. I thought if that animal was capable of being fully present under such conditions, how could I suffer anxiety over what might or might not happen in the future, or be upset about what took place in the past? That zebra seemed to be saying, "This is the only moment I have. This is what is, and I'm going to live fully in each instant until I leave this plane of existence.

This book is a keeper. Buy it for yourself, your children, your grandchildren, and your friends. My book is highlighted throughout, has many tear stains, and will be the subject of many journal writings as I process and integrate all his wisdom..

What do Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Irvin, Quincy Jones, Lucie Arnaz, Jack Canfield, and Tony Robbins have in common? They are all former students of Arthur Samuel Joseph. Next month Ill review his book Vocal Power: Harnessing The Power With (The Vocal Awareness Method)

Comment Corner:

Response to the June 19, 2009, third issue

Hi Sally,

Enjoyed your newsletter. As I read the fifteen questions from the book you reviewed (15 questions that will empower you and make change easier), it inspired the following: What can I be grateful for? I guess when I first read this I translated it to what am I grateful for? Below are three stanzas of an eight stanza poem I wrote on my thoughts on the gift of gratefulness.

GRATEFUL I AM By Denise Gaetz
What am I grateful for? It depends whos asking,
My soul would say for the peace that's everlasting.
My ego replies with things I adore,
and immediately begins to make plans to get more.
Gaze upon the eyes of everyone you see,
and know it's God looking back at thee.
A person or sunset, the awe is the same.
This is the gratefulness I try to explain.
If you have awe for the birds and the sky,
then you can look at everyone with loving eyes.
If you see it in another, then it's true.
Eventually you'll even see it in you.
Denise Gaetz, Reiki Master
2534 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue
Milwaukee, WI

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Reiki Circles in Milwaukee, August 8, 2009

Joy would be the one word I'd choose for the third month of Reiki Circles in Milwaukee on Saturday, July 11, 2009. We had 9 Reiki Masters/ Reiki Practitioners present. Although only one entire family participated, we did 15 minutes of distant healing for 29 families.

As co-founder of Reiki Circles in Milwaukee, I'm very excited to join with other Reiki Masters and practitioners to offer free of charge Reiki energy healing for all special needs children and their families beginning at 10 AM at 2534 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue in Milwaukee the second Saturday of the month. Please contact me at 414-257-1931 for more information, to register, or to request distant healing even though you are not presently living in the Milwaukee area. Reiki is not limited to time or space.

On the Friday evening before the monthly event, I co-host a one hour teleseminar for all Reiki energy healers, who will be sending Reiki energy healing in person or at a distance. During the call we set the intention for the healing for all that participate in the Saturday Reiki Circles. The teleseminar will be at 6 PM PST, 7 PM MST, 8 PM CST, and 9 PM EST. Email me at to get the call in number and access code to join us on the call.

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