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Love Offerings to the Universe

Love Offerings to the Universe
Make A Choice—Live in Faith or Live in Fear

Soft Cover: 128 pages
Publisher: Healing Hands Publishing (April 2004)
ISBN: 0-9753406-0-3
Price: $14.95
S&H $4.95 (Priority mail)
S&H International $13.45

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Endorsements and Testimonials

Sally O'Brien has shared her beautiful stories to remind us that we have a choiceto live in faith or to live in fear, to focus on what we have or to focus on what's missing, to love and accept our past or to let it cripple us, to choose to dwell on sorrow or to "dust off our crystals." Most of all, she reminds us to love ourselves and to savor each moment and each experience we have on this earth.
Foreword by Barbara Glanz, CSP

Barbara Glanz, Certified Speaking Professional, is an internationally known speaker, consultant, and author. Among her books are (1) Care Packages for the WorkplaceDozens of Little Things You Can Do to Regenerate Spirit at Work; (2) Balancing Acts: More Than 250 Guilt-free, Creative Ideas to Blend Your Work and Your Life; and (3) Handle with CareMotivating and Retaining Employees.

Open, insightful, and exuberant. Sally O'Brien invites her readers into her mind, heart, and life lessons so they may create their own.
C. Leslie Charles, CSP, author of All Is Not Lost: The Healing Journey Through Crisis, Grief, and Loss.

Read it and reap! The author is a walking-talking role model of the loving energy she writes about. Her stories demonstrate that we can persevere through the trials and tribulations of life...if we continue to believe in the power of faith, the importance of integrity, and the redemption of friendship.
Sam Horn, author of Tongue Fu and What's Holding You Back

A must-have for any Reiki student or teacher. This book is an excellent example of how Reiki helps and heals.
Rev. Russell Felch, Reiki Master, Karuna ® Practitioner, psychic, Raymond, Washington.

These stories will open your eyes and heart to new ways of rejoicing in your own unique birthright blessings. Real treasures start with the heartfind a goldmine of offerings and love in this soul-warming little book. Relish every word! Sally O'Brien will become a new best friend and guide as you rediscover joy.
Emory Austin, CSP, CPAE

Reviews & Articles

Fasten your seat belt and get ready...As an armchair traveler I experienced much pleasure hopping from Hawaii to Hong Kong to South Dakota while I followed Sally O'Brien on her many adventures. She will take you by the hand as you turn these pages and lead you lovingly into new awareness, achievement, understanding, and promise.

Whether essay or short story, every tale in this book teaches about spirit and love in simple, digestible terms. I found it easy reading with a spiritual depth. Sally O'Brien has opened her heart and her pen to send love offerings to the reader, and I think you will find, as I did, that time with this book is time well spent.
Barb Fandrich, Reviewer, Aberdeen, Washington

Spiritual Personal Essays, a Friend's Tale and a Short Story, November 14, 2005
By: Donald Mitchell

Love Offerings to the Universe could easily be renamed as Opportunity Often Appears in the Guise of Problems.

Ms. O'Brien has primarily drawn on her own life to write autobiographical sketches that describe her spiritual path.

In Reiki: The Greatest Gift of All, Ms. O'Brien recounts how she became a Reiki master during her eight years on the Big Island of Hawaii and the three health challenges that inspired her to study this Japanese form of healing. The essay ends with her hope to make Reiki a more mainstream therapy in health care settings like hospitals.

In Place of Refuge, she recounts the eerie feelings that have haunted her when she has visited this Hawaiian site east of Kailua-Kona. I could relate to her experience, having had the same strange feelings while visiting there.

In You've Done Well, Ms. O'Brien describes a trip to Ireland in which she encounters a man who is interested in her while touring with her friends and daughters. She has one of those choice of path decisions to make, and she recounts what she did and how it all turned out.

A Pebble in the Water is one of the most upbeat and inspiring stories in the book. In this essay, Ms. O'Brien describes how she started her students focusing on what they could do for the U.S. troops during Operation Desert Storm . . . and how one things led to another.

I Don't Want To recounts a resurrected memory of child molestation and the author's feelings about the memory today. It's very poignant.

Over the Rainbow recounts the passing of a very special spiritual friend and the lessons for us all.

White Lies and Family Secrets takes us behind the facade of her grandparent's marriage to see how important it is to provide a good example for our children and grandchildren.

My Auspicious Moment shares one of those wonderful encounters that can be a lifetime highlight as a wise mentor takes the time to share wisdom with us.

In a Scary Moment, you will find yourself facing death and disfigurement . . . and will experience your life a little differently after that.

The Phantom Van recounts another close encounter with the Grim Reaper that is equally powerful.

The Kabuki Pin explores the virtues of persistence and determination.

Third Sight describes a powerful healing experience.

My Deer Experience is one of those delightful tales of helping and gaining more from the experience that all of us love.

Mary Magdalene's Influence describes the effect of a personal epiphany in Jerusalem.

Peace Corps Pioneers takes you back to those wonderful days when the Peace Corps was new and we were all so thrilled by its potential.

The Bowl of Light is a wonderful lesson for parents and grandparents.

The Lesson of the Little Fir Tree is a parable about the pleasures and pains of growing up. Read it to your children and grandchildren!

Love Offerings is a powerful story about a friend's flirtation with romance that will haunt you.

A Second Chance is a short story about looking for the silver lining of whatever happens . . . and moving on. The story has an O. Henry feel to it although the twist at the end isn't so unexpected as O. Henry's are.

While many books from a spiritual perspective hew closely to a religious context and reference, Ms. O'Brien's spirit is informed in more ways and she generously shares those perspectives with us.

You'll like meeting her, and you'll be glad if you read her essays and stories.

Impacts the soul, April 6, 2006
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (4/06)

"Love Offerings to the Universe" is a collection of autobiographical essays written by Sally O'Brien. Each chapter carries a personal story with a special message to the reader. O'Brien writes about day-to-day experiences that have spiritual elements in them. These spiritual elements bring the reader hope that there is more out there than just a mundane world. O'Brien focuses on the positive aspects of events that have happened in her life. She sees that there is a higher source guiding her and uses this knowledge to grow from her experiences. She does not allow her self to become stuck when things are happening that do not seem positive.

O'Brien also draws upon her experiences as a Reiki Master. Having been attuned to this level myself, I enjoyed hearing about her experiences. Much of what I read brought back special memories about my own personal experiences during Reiki sessions.
She also writes a lot about living on the big island of Hawaii. She has had some wonderful spiritual experiences in Hawaii. I enjoyed learning that she used to volunteer for Dolphin Quest on the big island. Having been to this place myself, it was heart warming to know that these dolphins are truly loved and cared for by special people.

I feel "Love Offerings to the Universe" is written for anyone that enjoys reading about other people's experiences and can learn from them. After I finished reading O'Brien's stories, I felt inspired to start journaling events that are happening in my life. I am grateful to her for writing her memoirs because they had a very positive impact on my life and really touched my soul.

Poignant and embracingly warm, May 23, 2007
By: L. Miller
A wonderful little book that showcases experiences of healing and protection, of life and transition, as seen through the eyes of one woman, Sally O'Brien. Poignant and embracingly warm stories of Spirit in action.

I find that the warmth and depth grow with each reading and would suggest that it be read, put down, and then re-read from time to time. Each time will bring an even richer blessing.

Beautiful insights, February 14, 2008
By: Sue Penderson "Reiki Student"
Like the finest watercolor artist, Ms. O'Brien paints a subtle, elegant portrait of her life by layering the essence of her experiences in hues of sharp honesty, clear insight and deep integrity. An astute reader will witness an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, and sense the author's achievement toward reaching universal love and forgiveness. Highly inspirational!

Inspiring, insightful and delightful!, October 11, 2005
By: Jackie Ross
Reading this book gives one a personal insight into a very special woman. Sally shares unselfishly her trials and tribulations as well as her triumphs. She takes you on a journey of exploration into the spiritual healing of Reiki and the power of prayer and positive thinking. If you ever doubted how powerful these elements are in our lives, you will believe once you read this book.

Then she ends with a delightful short story that leaves the reader wondering what will happen next to the heroine, Nell. Sally, please finish her story!!

A very Special Lady, October 7, 2005
By: Larry K. Fischer
Why is it that most men do not read books like this? Why is it that there are only a few men with enough insight and couriosity to explore different insights about life and the universe? I'm a man with 9-years of football and several years as a semi-proffessional street fighter in Seattle that specialized in BULLY"S. This book relates to a persons life and all of her exeriences and awareness of lifes journey. This book shares deep feelings and discovering a spirituality that is shared openly and honestly. It verifies and confirms a healing intuitiveness that some gifted people have aquired. There are some interesting stories about different cultures and thier understanding of spirit. forgiveness and positive thinking along with creativity and contributing to mankind.
This book is simple to read and has some interesting stories that will enice your thinking. A challenge to the macho men to look, listen and read something other than Sport's Illustrated and look at the picture's. I am over 60 going on 30.
Larry Fischer
Seattle, Wa.

It's an offering to us, as well., September 23, 2005
By: J. DeMott
An offering of love ... this is what Ms. O'Brien has brought to us. By reading her book --- a collection of personal stories --- we learn about the woman and the many ways to connect to Spirit.

Reiki was a significant and powerful healer for the author, and Ms. O'Brien is full of love and gratitude. In several chapters, she shows what Reiki can offer as a healing source --- oh, how appropriate in this time of great need. How fortunate for those who live nearby to be able to receive the energy through this most dedicated Reiki Master-Teacher.

Ms. O'Brien's book is soft and warm, a lovely read to fill-up the soul with gentle energy. Wrap yourself up in a cozy chair and enjoy the lovely ride.

Exemplary!, June 29, 2007
Ms. O'Brien has crafted nothing less than a masterpiece of Spiritual Wisdom in authoring "Love Offerings to the Universe!

Each of the essays has served my daughters and I as a template in the greatest of Sally's gifts -- caring enough to share the Gift in any situation!

Ms. O'Brien is an exceptional Reiki Master; and a superior life coach. Yes, I have been priviliged to experience both of these modalities of healing from Ms. O'Brien - in addition to reading and re-reading "Love Offerings to the Universe."

I consider Ms. O'Brien's presence in and contributions to my life among my greatest blessings. Many thanks to a compassionate, gifted, insightful, dedicated, and powerful healer and life coach! :DDDDDDDDDDD

Look Inside

Excerpt from Love Offerings to the Universe

I'm going to be a first-time grandmother in August. I'm ecstatic about having my first grandchild. One of the first things I will share with my grandson or granddaughter is the "Bowl of Light" story that I learned when I was an alakai, advanced student, of Ho'opono Pono in Hawaii. My kumu, teacher, said, Pali Jae Lee and Koko Willis' book Tales From the Night Rainbow is an excellent authentic source for this story and so many others.

In ancient times, in Hawaii and throughout the world, each child born is said to have a Bowl of Perfect Light. If the child is taught to respect and love his or her light, the child grows in strength and health and can swim with the sharks, fly with the birds, and know and understand all things.

If however, the child gets into pilikia, trouble, with thoughts of fear, worry, doubt, judgment, anger, resentment, envy, or jealousy, he or she drops a stone into the Bowl of Light. Then, some of the light goes out because light and stone cannot occupy the same space.

If the child continues to get stones in the bowl, the light will eventually go out, and the child becomes a stone. Just like a stone, the child can no longer grow nor is capable of movement. However, as soon as the child tires of being a stone, all that is needed is to do kalana, forgive this aspect of himself, and turn the bowl upside down to let the stones fall out. All the light can then shine again and grow even brighter than before.

This was the way the ancient Hawaiian kupuna, grandparents and elders, took care of their mo'opuna, grandchildren. They would give them a bowl each morning, and then observe through the day how many stones were in the bowl. At the end of the day they would call their grandchildren to their sides and look at how many stones were in the bowl. If it had been a good day, just one or two stones in the bowl, the child was told to simply turn the bowl over. Yet, if the bowl were filled with stones, then in addition to turning the bowl over, the child would be told to go into the ocean and wash away all the thoughts from the day.

I will tell my beloved grandchild this. Many days I have found I need to change, make a better choice in the moment, so I've picked up my bowl, turned it upside down, and let the stones roll out. I have started over again so the Perfect Light I am can shine even brighter.

Personal Biography

Power and Vulnerability
Sally O'Brien specializes in communication skills as a writer, workshop teacher, speaker, trainer, and life coach. She has a master's degree in speech and over twenty-five years‚ experience as a teacher, trainer, consultant, administrator, and program director.

A resident of Illinois for thirty years and the Big Island of Hawaii for eight years, she moved to Grays Harbor, Washington, in 2003. O’Brien is a member of the National Speakers Association, (see www.nsaspeaker.org), Grays Harbor Chamber of Commerce, and Rotary Club of Aberdeen. She was a contributing writer in Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work and was included in The World’s Who’s Who of Women 1990, Who’s Who Among American Teachers 1992, The International Who’s Who of Professional and Business Women, 1997 and 2000, and Who’s Who in America in 2002.

O’Brien has been teaching writing for over twenty-five years. Eight years ago she designed and taught “Creating Your Life Story; Your Work of Art,” first as a college course, and then as a writing workshop. She continues to coach people writing their life stories. For several years she presented professional speeches, workshops, and seminars in the areas of presentation skills, sales training, team building, customer service, and principles of self-esteem.

To bridge the transition from education to the business world, O’Brien completed a seven-week internship at Motorola Inc. in Arlington Heights, Illinois, in training and development. Motivation, leadership, and communication in our global community were the subjects of a five-week mastery level training in neuro-linguistic programming she accomplished along with sixty other participants from sixteen countries in Bali, Indonesia. In addition, she was a delegate for the People to People International program to the People’s Republic of China. Her team was comprised of twenty-five businessmen and women from twelve states and Canada, and they spent thirteen days in Beijing, Dalian, and Shanghai, meeting with ministry officials and touring plant sites.

In addition to her professional pursuits, O’Brien served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippine Islands for two years, has traveled to thirty countries, and has been a Reiki Master for eight years and teacher for three-and-a-half. She is a student of hula and an advanced student of Ho’opono Pono, ancient Hawaiian spirituality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why did you write the book?

A. Every person has a book within him or her. These are just my own life experiences. In reading my memoir, I intend for others to take a look at their own lives and get their stories out. It is fun to look back and see what you’ve learned on your journey. When I moved to Hawaii, I discovered Reiki, and I want to share that anybody can learn Reiki and benefit from this Japanese healing touch technique. I also had the opportunity during my eight years in Hawaii to study and practice Ho’opono Pono, ancient Hawaiian spirituality. I want to share those teachings as well as inspire and reach an ever-larger audience.

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